This is a photo of Cheryl and her son, Chris

This is Cheryl and John at their home in MN

After several years in Kansas,  my young son and I returned to Wisconsin where I went to work at the Sentry in Walworth and eventually married John.  Next stop was Evart, MI where I worked as a bank teller.  Then back to Woodstock, IL where I worked as an optometric assistant.  A fun job.  On to Bluffton, IN where I was able to get a job again in an optometrist's office.  Then craziness led us to southern Minnesota where I worked in Rochester, again as an optometric assistant.  We loved all the places we lived, but 7 winters in Minnesota finally did us in, and we left for retirement in beautiful eastern TN.  No more subzero temperatures or 4 foot snow drifts in the driveway.  We love it!

Over the years, church has been pretty central in our lives.  I've played the piano here and there and now we are very active with Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, working to clear downed trees after tornadoes and ice storms, and clean up after flooding, etc  My son Chris and John have traveled from TX to IL to CO and most recently we've spent time in West Virginia.  God has been so very good to us, it feels right to try to give back a little.

I am looking forward to seeing everybody, but especially Tanya and Kathy K and Mike Dail.  I would so love to hear from Donna Montgomery and Sharon Anderson since I have totally lost touch with them since our graduation so very long ago.