I graduated from Iowa State U with a degree in animal science. From there I moved to Wyoming and farmed for a few years followed by doing some construction work. In 1975 I married and went to St Paul School of Theologoy in Kansas City MO, graduating with a Masters of Divinity.  I was ordained and served churches in Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado.  I also spent 8 years in chruch administration as a district superintendent and assistant to the Bishop.  When I was "outed" as gay, I retired and worked for 8 years with developmentally disabled adults in Colorado.

Following my divorce is when I moved to Colorado. There I met a partner I was with for 6 years when he died of a brain aneurism.  Following retirement, I returned to MT to be closer to my sons and their families.  But, as fate will have it, I met Roger Sims.  He convinced me that Arizona heat wasn't bad- "it's a dry heat - and I moved there in 2014. Marriage became legal that fall and we married in December of that year.

When I look back on my life, I realize that I have gone through so many transitions.  It was a long struggle accepting myself and coming into my own.  But, each passage has offered me opportunities to meet and experience such a variety of people and places. I would change very little.

What classmate would you most like to see at the reunion?  It would be wonderful to see all of you.  I remember one line from our graduation speaker's talk. (Probably because my family was moving a couple of weeks later). He said, " You will return for a reunion in 25 or 50 years. At the registration table you will be filling out information and someone will walk up and say hello.  You will greet them and return to what you're doing. Then you  will ask the person at the table who that was that greeted you.  It will be the person who has been your best friend"  Many of you I think I would recognize. But not all.  I'll not be attending. But will enjoy reading about the lives of all of you.

Biggest Surprise? That I would have traveled to Israel, Egypt and Korea. That I would be married to a man. And that I would share all of this information with all of you.

Tom and Roger